Jafria online Quran Center Shia Quran Center Shia Female Teacher

Jafria Online Quran Center is here to serve momineens. When applies for admission we ask them to take trial classes 1st to check our teaching system. Trial classes also help teachers to know about student’s learning level & mood too. In trail classes teacher checks about student’s previous knowledge of Quran.

Trail classes are taken 3-5 days according to student/parents satisfaction. To take the trial class just let us know your suitable timing regarding your country & timezone, and providing us your skype ID. The teacher will be online at your desired time to take class.

The teacher who takes the trial class is the teacher who takes regular classes. We don’t ask to pay hadya in advance but if you pay it in advance so it will be refundable.

Jafria Online Quran Center have shia male & female teachers which are available 24 hours even on weekends. If ever student misses the class student should let us know in advance, so we will arrange makeup classes for him as most of the makeup classes are taken on the weekend.

Jafria Online Quran Center provides 24/7 online support to students, our support team remains online 24 hours.

Jafria online Quran Center Shia Quran Center Shia Female Teacher free trail classes


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