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Imam Mosa Kazim a.s

Name : Musa ibn-e-Jaffar – the 7th Holy Imam Titles : Al-Kazim Agnomen : Abu Ibrahim. Father : Imam Jaafar as-Sadiq(a.s.) – the 6th Holy Imam Mother : Hamidah al – Barbariyyah. Birth : At Abwa’ ( between Makkah and Madina ) Sunday , 7th Safar 128 AH. (744 AD) Read more…

Niaz Imam Jafar Sadiq a.s Konday

22nd Rajab Niaz Kounday

22nd Rajab Niaz Kounday 22nd of Rajab is celebrated with supplications to Allah azwj, praise and remembrance of Masomeen aswss’ contributions and sacrifices for the purpose of establishing Allah azwj’s recognition and saving entire universe from destruction. A specially prepared feast is also offered to brethren in Eman along with Read more…