Your children can get a Shia teacher online at any time.
You can now learn the Quran and religion at home from a Shia online teacher at Jafria Online Quran Center. Jafria Online Quran Center is inspired to support Shia Muslims in the UK (United Kingdom), USA (United States of America), Canada, Australia, Germany, Sweden, France, Spain, Newzealand, France, UAE (United Arab Emirates) & all over the world who are away from Mosques and Imam Bargahs.

Free trial classes 3days by shia Quran teacher

Anyone can take classes with us from home via Skype or Zoom.  Jafria Online Quran Center offers online Quran tutoring services so that you or your children can learn to read the Holy Quran with Tajweed at the time and on the days of your selection from a live Quran teacher. Both children and adults can benefit from our lessons. All you need is an internet connection and a computer with headphones. Jafria Online Quran Center offers free trials of its courses. Tutors, both male, and female are accessible 24/7.

Take One on one classes per student, so the class comes with better concentration. You will get a dedicated teacher for you or your child. There is no age limitation.

First, we will arrange free trial classes for you & when you are satisfied with your teacher, we will start taking regular classes.

We have the most expert Shia Online Teachers (Qari). All of our teachers are well-qualified Fiqh e Jafria (Shia) scholars.

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The 3rd and 4th generations cannot think of anything without the internet. The goal was to spread sacred Islamic Knowledge using the latest technologies. We believe Islam is the way of life that teaches society to lead its life with peace. And the internet is the only modern invention that breaks all distance barriers. Thus Islam & the Internet, if combined, can provide a peaceful modern society. That’s it. We can just try, and the completion is by Allah (SWT).



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